Be careful about Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Christian Sharing solutions are great; however, know the details about Pre-Existing medical conditions.  Pre-X is is anything you already know about or have a planned procedure.

CHM is who I use for my health sharing solution and I think their policy on Pre-X is more than fair.

Here are the details

PLEASE NOTE:  I have CHM Gold with Brothers Keeper.

Pre-X sharing is limited to $15K the first year of membership in CHM, 2nd year is limited to $25K, 3rd year is limited to $50K then your PreX.

4th year your Pre-X is like every other body part.

100% up to infinity

As a bonus if you do not use any Pre-X the first year they keep stacking so if something happened in year 2 and 3 you have more ability to share.


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