Why I LOVE Evernote and 15 reasons why you should too…

Wow you would think I work for Evernote or loaded up on their stock.

Well on the stock deal, I cannot do that because the are private.  I am thinking about becoming an ambassador.

Perhaps a Lunch-n-Learn will be in my future.

I love Evernote because is save me precious time.  The most valuable asset we all have.  Evernote is a life hack,  like putting all your car keys in one area if you have a fleet of family cars like The Rodens do.  It just makes sense.  Why would you go around the house saying, “Where are my keys?”.

Evernote stands above all other options for a single solution.   You only have 168 hours a week and if you get about 8 hours of sleep then you are really talking about having 113 hours to spare.  Don’t waste any more time with repeated and needed info at your fingertips.  Regardless of which device you have available.

If you can save 5 minutes dozens of times a day then you just bought yourself some substantial time.

Secure important documents in one location under pw of course.  You can log off of any device.  Plus your phone pw acts as another layer of protection.

  1. Secure PWs & Links to websites
  2. Send your important emails and store them in Evernote for easy access 24/7
  3. Easily edit and post pics and more to social media 
  4. Follow up with CRM functionality 
  5. Text important emails (some people do NOT do email)
  6. Great Workchat for secure HIPPA compliant communications without the hassle
  7. Save important Screenshots
  8. PDF, Excel, Word, & Audios, Pics, et al
  9. Search all your info on ALL devices (search “paul” “referral” and all notes come up
  10. House labs, pics, audios, phone conversations, Forms, Links, Info
  11. Share TO DO list
  12. Update info via link AFTER you send email and more information has entered the picture
  13. Budget
  14. Receipts
  15. Copious notes

Source:  MLR Marketing, LLC www.myinsurancesucks.com

P.S.  Join me for lunch Friday 9/29/17 at Dallas Anatole  www.markroden.org


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What happened when I finally used my Teladoc?

Teladoc has been part my mc2 Health Rewards membership for a long time.  I started the mc2 cost saving membership program back in 2001.  I knew it was a needed product in the maze of healthcare cost containment tools and have heard others tell me wonderful things about it.

Well, after telling so many people about how great it was I finally used it myself.  Now I have used it 3 times in the last 3 weeks. Here is the deal, take the time to set up your Teladoc account so when you need it will be short and sweet.  You can go online or call Teladoc and they will do everything for you over the phone.  It is always nice to do those type of activities when you feel well.

The first time I used Teladoc a few weeks back, my oldest daughter was home visiting from college on a busy weekend.  She showed me her tonsils and then told me she had a sore throat all that week at school.  I started to think about the local urgent care then I remembered I had Teladoc.  So I jumped into action.  We set up her Teladoc account over the phone and then finished it up online in less than 30 minutes.  She even uploaded a photo of her tonsils.  After downloading an app on her iphone she simply clicked “talk to a doctor” and within 5 minutes she was speaking to a very nice MD.  The MD was able to call in an Rx that we picked up coming home from a softball game she wanted to go to in order to see her little sister play.  Wow.  No traveling over to a urgent care facility and paying our usual $175 to $250 weekend office visit and waiting hours to spend 5 minutes talking to a doctor if you are lucky and sometimes just a PA.  Nothing against PAs, I am just stating the facts.  It is also nice to know she now has an app on her phone she can “talk to a Dr” anytime when she is away at college.

The second time I used Teladoc was the morning after returning from Mexico when I was not feeling well.  I had obviously taken home a stomach bug that was giving my digestive systems fits.  Laying in my bed that morning I was trying to find the strength to get into my car and drive through rush hour traffic for about a 45 minute trip to my favorite doctor.  I can count on at least spending 45 minutes waiting to see Dr. John and another 45 coming back if I am lucky.  Not to be gross but I was also regretting not buying leather seats.  How in the world was I even going to make it to the Dr office without stoping every few miles for a bathroom.  Yikes.  Heck, why don’t I call Teladoc it is already on my phone and all set up.  So I roll over and click my Teladoc app and within 5 minutes a doctor was calling me.  He walked me through my options and had my Dx within minutes.  He asked me where I wanted my Rx filled and that was it.  Typically I use Sams for Rx but the shortest distance was key today.  My local pharmacy had my meds within the hour.  What a life saver.  This time it was not all about saving money on a Dr visit.  It was about logistics.


Now fast forward a few days and my wife comes home sick after spending a few days supervising coughing and sneezing kids taking the  STAR test at her school.  I show her the ropes on Teladoc because now that I am an expert on the process and bam!  Teladoc to the rescue.  No waiting around and no expensive office visit.

Knowing about something versus using it first hand is quite a difference.  Now I know why this program is being sold as an employee benefit by itself for $39 a month.  People are glad to pay it.  Lucky for you, Teladoc comes with mc2 Health rewards along with many other cost containment tools for only $29.99 for the whole family.  FYI, I used the mc2 Health Rx discount card and saved lots of money on every Rx we needed above.  Knowledge is power.

Check out all the details at www.mc2health.com



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