Direct to consumer DNA testing is here

The world we live in today really amazes me.  Don’t you love the way companies and entrepreneurs react so quickly to the real needs of a changing society.  A few years back, the FDA allowed direct to consumer DNA products in the United States.  By now most people have heard about the 23andme DNA test.  This test your DNA for your ancestry clues.  I have not done it myself but know many people who have done so.  Pretty cool idea.  I think it is a great marketing pitch.  The X-Wife of Google founder Sergey Brin was a major reason the FDA battle was won.  Anne Wojcicki was an investor in the company and is now the CEO.

The most shocking one I know about right now is a direct to consumer 100% private STD test.  The company uses DNA and takes out the public humiliation factor of dealing with your favorite doctor.  Brilliant.  The company is called

It is not cheap.  Privacy comes at a price.  For about $250 you can test for the following

PrivateiDNA kit

I know it is a sad commentary on today’s society.  However, the data does not lie.  STDs are up 15% by many studies.  Regardless, the future is bright for testing all sorts of things at home for better health.    Lets face it, TIME is a very rare commodity these days.  This could be a very easy way to test many things in minutes.  Anytime privacy is needed home testing would be an added bonus.  We all know early detection and knowing what is going on with your body is key to good health.

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