Why I LOVE Evernote and 15 reasons why you should too…

Wow you would think I work for Evernote or loaded up on their stock.

Well on the stock deal, I cannot do that because the are private.  I am thinking about becoming an ambassador.

Perhaps a Lunch-n-Learn will be in my future.

I love Evernote because is save me precious time.  The most valuable asset we all have.  Evernote is a life hack,  like putting all your car keys in one area if you have a fleet of family cars like The Rodens do.  It just makes sense.  Why would you go around the house saying, “Where are my keys?”.

Evernote stands above all other options for a single solution.   You only have 168 hours a week and if you get about 8 hours of sleep then you are really talking about having 113 hours to spare.  Don’t waste any more time with repeated and needed info at your fingertips.  Regardless of which device you have available.

If you can save 5 minutes dozens of times a day then you just bought yourself some substantial time.

Secure important documents in one location under pw of course.  You can log off of any device.  Plus your phone pw acts as another layer of protection.

  1. Secure PWs & Links to websites
  2. Send your important emails and store them in Evernote for easy access 24/7
  3. Easily edit and post pics and more to social media 
  4. Follow up with CRM functionality 
  5. Text important emails (some people do NOT do email)
  6. Great Workchat for secure HIPPA compliant communications without the hassle
  7. Save important Screenshots
  8. PDF, Excel, Word, & Audios, Pics, et al
  9. Search all your info on ALL devices (search “paul” “referral” and all notes come up
  10. House labs, pics, audios, phone conversations, Forms, Links, Info
  11. Share TO DO list
  12. Update info via link AFTER you send email and more information has entered the picture
  13. Budget
  14. Receipts
  15. Copious notes

Source:  MLR Marketing, LLC www.myinsurancesucks.com

P.S.  Join me for lunch Friday 9/29/17 at Dallas Anatole  www.markroden.org


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